Typography Poster

For this project we need to create a poster with all the final projects we have done in Typography 1. This was a difficult project due having to fit all the projects, process work, a picture of ourselves, an item that represents you, and a short description of what we learn about in the course. Like any project, I started sketching ideas what I wanted to do with all the elements for this project.

Using a grid system is the best way to create an enviorment for all the graphics and projects to play in. Along with the elements that I listed I also need to include Montclair State University, the course’s code, my name and Typography 1.

My wonderful girlfriend who is a great artist drew a sketch of my and her. I brought it into the computer and vectorized and colored it. I turn the saturation to 0 due to we only had a 3 color limit. Thanks to my great professor I was able to use this illustration rather than a real photo of myself. It adds more who I am as a person. Im goofy and more cartoony than most people so it represents me well.

I used a pair of headphones as the item that represents me. I have a very tough time at home and I use music and headphones to try and block out any of the yelling or fighting I don’t want to hear. Headphones help me stay focused at the task at hand when I am home so they are very important to me.

In this process work I tried to have all the elements have their own space. I also tried creating a “1” with the negative space. I feel that all the objects were conflicting with each other to create that “1”. Also the color made it seem to dull and neutral for my own personality.



This is the final product that I created to represent me and Typography 1. I feel that all the pieces have their own space and play with each other in a way that is easy on the eye. From the picture of me, you follow the poster all the way to the bottom. I am really happy how this poster turned out because it is the best way to show who I am and what I learned in Typography 1.